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Internship Opportunities

Peace Programs

Interns support the staff of the Carter Center's Peace Programs by researching particular themes, issues, or countries and by providing logistical support for current projects.

Internship positions are available in the following programs:


Americas Program

The mission of the Americas Program is to enhance the quality of democracy in the Americas (including Latin America and the Caribbean) and to make democratic governance more accountable and meaningful to citizens across the region. The program aims to strengthen regional capacities to promote democracy, transform and prevent conflicts, and improve democratic governance.

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China Program

Engaging in a variety of activities designed to improve U.S.-China relations in several sectors; to give Chinese officials, scholars, and common citizens a platform to discuss and share ideas on fostering mutual understanding, third-country cooperation, and public policy; and to conduct pilot projects to test new ways that enhance the awareness of perceptions at the government and citizen levels.

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Conflict Resolution Program

War and civil strife continue to be the most significant impediments to sustainable development and basic human rights. Devastation from such conflicts has impoverished countries in every region, in many cases wiping out the achievements of decades of development. The Conflict Resolution Program focuses on preventing, resolving, and ending armed conflict. Much of the program's work revolves around regularly monitoring many of the world's armed conflicts in an attempt to better understand their histories, the primary actors involved, the issues presently in dispute, and the efforts being made to resolve them. When a situation arises in which President Carter has a unique role to play and when specific conditions have been met, Conflict Resolution is directly responsible for supporting his intervention efforts. To accomplish this, Conflict Resolution works closely with representatives of international organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations.

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Democracy Program

The Democracy Program was founded on the belief that reinforcing the process of democratization is the best means of promoting human rights, supporting sustainable economic opportunity, and resolving conflicts peacefully. The program's goals are to promote democratic transition and consolidation through projects involving election monitoring and mediation, technical assistance to strengthen civil society, and efforts to advance the rule of law and to strengthen the implementation of international democratic election standards based on international public law.

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Global Access to Information Initiative

Access to information is a fundamental human right and a multidimensional tool serving both governments and citizens. Enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right of access to information assists public administration in becoming more transparent and accountable. In addition, it enables citizens to engage more meaningfully in public life; understand policies and help determine public priorities; and use the information to ensure the exercise of other human rights, including the rights to clean water, a safe environment, and education.

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Human Rights Program

A commitment to human rights for all people around the world is a founding principle of The Carter Center. These include civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights, in addition to freedoms enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Human Rights Program works to protect and advance human rights globally through the protection of human rights defenders, the convening of leading activists and decision makers, and the strengthening of national and multilateral human rights institutions.

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