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April 15, 2014
How Researchers Use Social Media To Map The Conflict In Syria
Published by Forbes.
Not long ago, for techPresident, I wrote an article on "Using Data and Statistics to Bring Down Dictators". While researching for the article, I got in touch with Jay Aronson, the founder of Carnegie Mellon's Center for Human Rights Science. He pointed me to the work of another scholar, called Cristopher McNaboe, who was doing a great work in Atlanta, mapping the Syria crisis for the Carter Center. I had no room left to include another interview in the piece, but I made a quick note to myself to follow the trail as soon as possible.


Dec. 13, 2013
Pro-Regime Militias May Outlast Assad, Threaten Future State: Report
Published by The Daily Star (Lebanon).
The strength and reach of pro-government paramilitary groups in Syria is growing and could threaten any future state, according to a report released this week by a U.S. conflict resolution advocacy group.


Dec. 12, 2012
Video: Sudan-South Sudan Border Tensions
Published by CNN.
Tensions are rising between Sudan and South Sudan. What's being done to solve the differences between the two sides?


Aug. 23, 2012
Liberia: Out-of-Court Justice
Published by IRIN.
"We don't get much sleep now because there are people calling night and day," says Jesco Davis, who represents the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC), a local NGO partnering with the US-based Carter Center and helps Liberia's overwhelmed judiciary by resolving cases out of court and teaching citizens about their basic rights.


June 1, 2012
The Wisdom of Reforming Terrorist Designations
Published by Foreign Policy's Middle East Channel.
In 2008 — 18 years after New York City threw him a ticker tape parade for helping to end apartheid — it took an act of Congress to ensure that Nelson Mandela did not need a special waiver to enter the United States, finally removing his terrorist designation. In November 2011, Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyah was removed from the "Individuals and Entities Designated by the State Department Under E.O. 13224" terrorist list. He had been dead for three and a half years.


April 23, 2012
Developments in the Middle East and North Africa
Published by Global Atlanta.
In view of the pace of change in political events taking place in the Middle East and North Africa, it's not surprising that the context of an interview completed on April 6 should already be slightly outdated.


Feb. 14, 2012
Carter Center, JPC Expand Legal Support Services
Published Feb. 14, 2012 by The Inquirer (Liberia).
The Carter Center in partnership with the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) with understanding from the Ministry of Justice has expanded its Community Legal Advisor (CLA) Program to provide legal support services in Montserrado County.


June 30, 2011
Privatising Peace
Published June 30, 2011, by The Economist.
A SMART golf course hotel in southern Norway is not where you would expect to bump in to a couple of Afghan Taliban. But at the Oslo Forum Network of Mediators no one batted an eyelid. For once, an earnest discussion on "Talking to the Taliban"—scheduled on June 23rd, the day after Barack Obama announced he would be pulling 33,000 troops out of Afghanistan by next year—actually meant talking to real-life Taliban.


Feb. 28, 2011
Pewee Flomoku saw Liberia's Child Soldiers Through a Camera Lens. Now He Promotes Peace
Published Feb. 28, 2011, by The Christian Science Monitor.
Photojournalist Pewee Flomoku captured images of child soldiers and the other horrors of war in Liberia. Now he's working on free and fair elections.


Jan. 26, 2011
Carter Center, JPC Open 3,000 Legal Cases
Published Jan. 26, 2011, by the
As Liberia's legal system slowly recovers from the war and seeks to gain the trust of its citizens, the Carter Center has disclosed plans to expand its Community Legal Advisor (CLA) program.


Jan. 20, 2011
Liberia: Carter Center Expands Community Legal Advisor Program
Published Jan. 20, 2011, by
The Carter Center, in collaboration with the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC), is expanding its Community Legal Advisor (CLA) program to provide legal support services in nine rural counties.


Aug. 4, 2010
Public Radio International Highlights Judicial System in  Liberia
Public Radio International's "The World" examines Liberia's struggle with land disputes, as citizens return home after the war to find others living on land they claim as their own, in a story aired Aug. 3.


June 2, 2010
Tit for Tat
Published June 2, 2010, by
Amnesty International, the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the European Union are calling for an  investigation  into Israel's attack on the Mavi Marmara. At issue is whether Israeli actions, which resulted in nine civilian deaths, violated the "basic principle" of proportionality, as German government spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm put it. Finland's prime minister Vanhanen Hanen, for his part, noted that Israel uses disproportionate force all too often. The word "proportionality" gets thrown around a lot when Israel's in the news. What does it really mean?


June 2, 2010
Carter Center Helping Traditional Leaders Resolve Land Disputes
Published June 2, 2010 by Voice of America.
In Liberia, the Carter Center is helping traditional leaders better manage local disputes, including rival land claims.


June 1, 2010
Carter Center Condemns Attack on Aid Ship Bound for Gaza
Published June 1, 2010, on
The Carter Center, founded by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to advance human rights and alleviate suffering, condemned Israel's attack on a ship carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza as "unprovoked and illegal."


Feb. 20, 2010
Redefining Support of Terrorism
Published Feb. 20, 2010, by the L.A. Times.
When most Americans hear that it's illegal to supply "material support" to foreign terrorist groups, they probably assume that the prohibition involves financial or technical support -- sending money to pay for hijackers' air fares or providing wiring for a bomb (or advice about how to use it).


Oct. 6, 2009
Talk to Hamas Now or Fight New Radicals Indefinitely
Nathan Stock op-ed published Oct. 6, 2009, by the Christian Science Monitor.
History is repeating itself in the Palestinian territories. Washington refuses to engage a right-wing Palestinian group – and so spawns organizations that are even more extreme.


Aug. 31, 2009
Liberian Diaspora in Atlanta Debates Truth Commission's Final Report
Published Aug. 31, 2009, by Voice of America.
Exactly two months after the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) released its final report it seems Liberians at home and in the Diaspora are still confused about many aspects of the report.


May 21, 2009
After Wars, Mass Rapes Persist
Nicholas D. Kristof op-ed published May 21, 2009, by the New York Times.
Traditionally, an international issue was "serious" only if it was arcane and, preferably, incomprehensible. To be respected in foreign policy, it helped to smoke a pipe, spout theories about ballistic missiles, and frequently employ the word "hegemony."


Jan. 8, 2009
An Unnecessary War
Jimmy Carter op-ed published Jan. 8, 2009, by the Washington Post.
I know from personal involvement that the devastating invasion of Gaza by Israel could easily have been avoided.


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