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Rural Mental Health

Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellows have written, produced, and published works related to mental illnesses and reducing stigma. Relevant articles and projects completed both during and after each journalist's fellowship year may be found within the archives.

27 Jan 2006
The Unseen: Mental Illness's Global Toll

Proper care of the mentally ill is often viewed as an expendable luxury in the developing world. Recent research, including studies of depression in China and schizophrenia treatment in India, suggests it doesn't have to be that way.
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10 May 2005
Lessons from the icy front

Its population is barely larger than Newark's. Many Alaskan communities in its frozen tundra are inaccessible by car.
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3 May 2003
Children in the Margins: Rural Health, Part III

Part thee of a four-part series entitled Children in the Margins, "Rural Health" focuses on school-based health centers in rural Massachusetts and how they play an important role in providing children with health care.
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30 Jul 2000
Harvest of Despair: Farm Stress Hits Those Without Available Help

Don Taylor spent part of Tuesday morning fixing a flat tire on his combine and then cut wheat till dark on his Kolin farm, the same central Montana land his grandfather farmed. Winter wheat probably will be Taylor's only crop this year.
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11 Jun 2000
Strength in Small Numbers, Sharing Hope Helps Rural Families Deal with Mental Health Problems

In after-hours quiet at the Carnegie Public Library on Main Street, seven men and three women pulled chairs up around a table flanked by walls of books and dark oak columns. Familiar faces all, they helped themselves to homemade cake and a carafe of coffee.
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