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Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellows have written, produced, and published works related to mental illnesses and reducing stigma. Relevant articles and projects completed both during and after each journalist's fellowship year may be found within the archives.

10 Mar 2006
Biology of Suicide

What drives people to suicide? NPR's Michelle Trudeau reports that in laboratories around the country, neuro-scientists are trying to find out. They're studying the brains of people who've committed suicide and comparing them with people who died suddenly.
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27 Jan 2006
China: Healing the Metaphorical Heart

Eastern and Western concepts of mental health clash as psychiatrists seek to reconcile China's apparent scarcity of mental illness with its high suicide rate.
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22 Nov 2005
A halt in meds led to suicide

You'd think the last candidate for suicide would be a psychologist.
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18 Feb 2005
Drugs Raise Risk of Suicide; Analysis of Data Adds to Concerns On Antidepressants

Adults taking popular antidepressants such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft are more than twice as likely to attempt suicide as patients given sugar pills, according to an analysis released yesterday of hundreds of clinical trials involving tens of thousands of patients.
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1 Aug 2004
My Illness is Just a Small Part of Me

My name is Wallace Stevenson. At the moment I am working for the national 'Like Minds Like Mine' campaign. You might have seen the 'know me before you judge me' ads on TV which are part of the campaign.
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