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Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellows have written, produced, and published works related to mental illnesses and reducing stigma. Relevant articles and projects completed both during and after each journalist's fellowship year may be found within the archives.

1 Aug 2006
More Than Just a Bad Day

We've all had days when even getting out of bed is a mission. But where does a bad day end and depression start?
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9 Jul 2006
In Ohio, Insurance Pays Much More for Physical Ailments Than Mental Ones

A baby sitter sexually assaulted Matt Mikolic at gunpoint when he was in kindergarten. At age 7, he ran into traffic, jabbed pencils into his skin and threw himself into bed every night, yelling,
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23 May 2006
Drug-free treatment promoter

David Oaks has a simple philosophy about life: If the mind isn't free, there's no freedom.
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1 May 2006
When the Mind Causes Pain
For most people pain is sorted out with a pill, but for many their agony goes much deeper.
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28 Mar 2006
A crime, penalty and illness

His crime was stalking Lauren Bush, the president's niece. His problem is that he suffers from bipolar disorder.
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