Waging Peace.
Fighting Disease.
Building Hope.


The Carter Center has worked to advance conflict resolution and human rights during tumultuous times in Somalia.


Waging Peace

The Carter Center's Conflict Resolution Program monitored developments in Somalia during the U.N. troop presence there that began in 1992. In spring and summer of 1993, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter quietly urged the United Nations to return to its original humanitarian mission in Somalia rather than continue to involve itself in the restoration of law and order. When military action by U.N. peacekeepers resulted in the deaths of dozens of Somali citizens, he issued a public statement denouncing those actions.

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Map of Somalia
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Size: 637,657 square kilometers

Population: 10,616,380

Life expectancy: 52 years

Ethnic groups: Somali, Bantu and other non-Somali (including Arabs)

Religions: Sunni Muslim (Islam) (official, according to the Transitional Federal Charter)

Languages: Somali (official), Arabic (official, according to the Transitional Federal Charter), Italian, English


(Source: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook 2016)

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