Waging Peace.
Fighting Disease.
Building Hope.


The Carter Center worked to resolve conflict, advance human rights, and strengthen democracy in Peru for more than a decade.


Waging Peace

Peru faces many of the same challenges as other modern Latin American states struggling to deepen democratic practices and develop economically. In the first decade of the 21st century, The Carter Center helped the people of Peru promote human rights, make their political will heard, and preserve regional peace, building hope for a future as remarkable as the nation's past.

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Map of Peru
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Size: 1,285,216 square kilometers

Population: 30,444,999

Population below poverty line: 26 percent

Life expectancy: 74 years

Ethnic groups: Amerindian, mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white), white, black, Japanese, Chinese, and other

Religions: Roman Catholic, Evangelical, other, none

Languages: Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara (official), Ashaninka, other native languages (includes a large number of minor Amazonian languages), other


(Source: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook 2016)

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