Waging Peace.
Fighting Disease.
Building Hope.


The Carter Center has worked with Venezuelans since 1996 to help eliminate river blindness and since 1998 has observed elections, conducted media training, and undertaken conflict resolution efforts to strengthen peace and democracy.


Waging Peace

The Carter Center observed elections in Venezuela in 1998 and 2000. It also joined with the Organization of American States and U.N. Development Program to help mediate a 2002 political crisis between the government and opposition groups that temporarily removed President Hugo Chavez from office. The mediation led to a recall referendum, which the Center also was invited to observe. The Center has continued for more than a decade to study the nation's electoral processes, to train media in nonpartisan reporting practices, and to foster dialogue between Venezuela and its Andean neighbors.

Read full text on the Carter Center's peace work in Venezuela >


Fighting Disease

Together with its partners, The Carter Center and the Venezuela Ministry of Health are intensifying efforts to eliminate the last vestiges of the disease river blindness (onchocerciasis) from the isolated and nomadic Yanomami communities in the Amazon rain forest. The campaign is part of a Carter Center-sponsored effort to eliminate the disease from the Western Hemisphere.

Read full text on the Carter Center's health work in Venezuela >


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Map of Venezuela
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Size: 912,050 square kilometers

Population: 29,275,460 (2015 est.)

Population below poverty line: 31.6 percent (2011 est.)

Life expectancy: 75 years

Ethnic groups: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, indigenous people

Religions: nominally Roman Catholic, Protestant, other

Languages: Spanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects


(Source: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook 2016)

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