Ways to Give
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The Carter Center Endowment

You Can Help The Carter Center

Establish peaceful self-governance in fledgling democracies

Combat disease in the world's most underserved communities

Bring hope to those who yearn for basic human rights

Investing in The Carter Center's Future

Supporters of The Carter Center feel passionately that its work must continue well into the future. Guided by our mission statement, the Center must be able to address future needs and pursue new opportunities to accomplish the life-affirming and lifesaving goals of our programs. Commitments to endowment are accepted as outright gifts in the form of cash or securities, as pledges payable over a five-year period, and as planned gifts, which include will commitments, trusts, annuities, and other planned and life-income instruments.

For More Information

Please contact Barry Nickelsberg, Chief Development Officer, Estate & Gift Planning, at (404) 420-3868 or barry.nickelsberg@emory.edu.


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Barry Nickelsberg
Chief Development Officer,
Estate & Gift Planning
Phone: (404) 420-3868
Fax: (404) 420-3453
Natasha Burnett
Assistant Director,
Estate & Gift Planning
Phone: (404) 420-3860
Fax: (404) 420-3453
John B. Floyd
Senior Associate Director of Estate & Gift Planning
Phone: (404) 420-3883
Fax: (404) 420-3453