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The Carter Center has monitored democratic progress and setbacks in the Republic of Honduras over a number of years.

Waging Peace

At the invitation of the Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal, The Carter Center sent a small high-level delegation to the November 2013 national elections in Honduras. The delegation was led by two members of the Friends of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, former Presidents Carlos Mesa of Bolivia and Martin Torrijos of Panama, and included members of the Center's Latin America and Caribbean Program (formerly known as the Americas Program).

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Members of the delegation made three pre-election visits and met with the judges of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, officials of political parties, presidential candidates and their representatives, as well as international observers and various international aid institutions. After the election, the delegation recognized the efforts of all involved to support the process and contribute to more inclusive and transparent elections. At the same time, it recommended that Honduras consider electoral reforms.

Following up on the recommendations from the delegation, in March 2014 the Latin America and Caribbean Program and the local office of the National Democratic Institute for International Relations cosponsored a seminar on compared experiences of electoral reform. Mesa, the former president of Bolivia, delivered the keynote address.

In November 2014, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández visited The Carter Center and met with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. And in January 2015, following an invitation from President Hernández, representatives from the Latin America and Caribbean Program traveled to Tegucigalpa to assess the timing and possibility of collaborating with the Hondurans on an electoral reform project.

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Size: 112,090 square kilometers

Population: 9,038,741

Population below poverty line: 29.6 percent

Life expectancy: 71 years

Ethnic groups: mestizo (mixed Amerindian and European), Amerindian, black, white

Languages: Spanish (official), Amerindian dialects

Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, atheist, other, none

Source: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook 2018



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