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Carter Center Featured Partner: CAF Development Bank of Latin America

Featured July 2014

The CAF is a development bank of Latin America, founded in 1970 to stimulate sustainable development in the region. Headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela, the CAF currently works with 18 member nations from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe to provide multilateral financing and regional integration. The CAF works as an intermediary between international capital markets and the region, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and resources between developed nations and the region.

The CAF has been a longstanding partner and donor of The Carter Center Americas Program. Thanks to this partnership, The Carter Center has worked since 2000 to implement projects in the Americas aimed at strengthening democracy, democratic governance, the restoration of diplomatic relations between Andean countries and the promotion of peaceful resolution of social, political and electoral conflicts.

A new grant recently awarded to the Center by the CAF will further strengthen our relationship of cooperation and will support activities aimed at Preventing Democratic Crises in the Americas. Over a three-year period, the CAF will contribute up to $200,000 per year to The Carter Center's efforts in the Americas, allowing The Carter Center to continue to strengthen its programs in the region. In the coming years, with the support of the CAF and others, The Carter Center is committed to promoting competitive elections, providing education about the role of media in democracy, and encouraging an open dialogue on the regulations governing freedom of speech. The Program also will promote serious dialogue in the region on electoral reform. The Carter Center has been a leader in critically examining election standards and monitoring equity concerns.

In partnership with the CAF, The Carter Center's Americas Program will continue to work to enhance the quality of democracy and make it more accountable to citizens in the region.

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