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Carter Center Featured Partner: Government of Denmark

Featured February 2015

The Government of Denmark and The Carter Center have a longstanding relationship of more than 24 years. Contributing over US$6 million to a wide variety of projects since 1991, including almost US$3 million for Guinea worm disease eradication, Denmark has been a major partner in helping the Center wage peace, fight disease, and build hope.

Alongside contributions to the health programs, Denmark has a history in providing funding to projects that help establish peace and stability through governance related action. Contributions have been made to promote democracy via conflict resolution in Sudan and Uganda and via election monitoring in Egypt and Libya following the Arab Spring. Most recently, the Danish government donated over US$900,000 to assist with the ongoing conflict resolution strategies taking place in Syria.

The Middle East has remained of significant interest to President Carter following his work on the Camp David Accords of 1978, and The Carter Center has undertaken work in the region since its very beginning in 1982. Syria is currently facing a period of intense conflict, with an ever-increasing death toll and a growing population of displaced civilians. Having developed a reputation as a trusted, objective broker, The Carter Center is working to support a political solution that builds a foundation for future democratic governance in the area.

Through the Syria Conflict Mapping Project, The Carter Center examines citizen-generated information available online from the Syrian region. From such information, the Center can detail the growth of opposition armed groups in each governorate and track the evolution of armed opposition hierarchies at all levels. Furthermore, the Center can show the current geographic delineation of pro and anti-government forces and provide up-to-date analysis on the current state of the conflict.

The generous donation from the Danish Government will assist The Carter Center in tackling the Syrian conflict both on a civilian level through this observation of local activity, and also on a broader governance level through the Syria Transitions Options Initiative. This project focuses on possible ways and means to reform the constitutional and legislative architecture of governance in Syria. Assisting with the development of a transition plan, the program hopes to build a foundation for future democratic governance in Syria.

Funding from the Government of Denmark thus assists The Carter Center in understanding the source of the Syrian conflict and tracking its development on the ground, as well as constructing a response on a greater governance level, through reformation of constitution and legislation. This combined effort will assist in the conclusion of what is fast becoming the most destructive conflict per capita since the Second World War.

The Government of Denmark's relationship with The Carter Center evidences its dedication to being at the forefront of promoting people's freedom, rights, and democratic development, and The Carter Center looks forward to many more fruitful years of partnership.

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