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Carter Center Featured Partner: Johnson & Johnson

The Carter Center Health and Peace Programs appreciate the continued support of our foundation, government, and corporate donors and are pleased to highlight their contributions in these regular Web features.

Featured February 2008

For nearly a decade, Johnson & Johnson has generously supported The Carter Center's efforts to improve the lives of those in Africa. The company's commitment to the health of individuals and communities worldwide was inspired by Board Chairman General Robert Wood Johnson, who created the Johnson & Johnson Credo 65 years ago. Since that time, Johnson & Johnson has partnered with programs to save and improve the lives of women and children, prevent diseases, and improve community health and capacity building activities. In 2006 alone, Johnson & Johnson donated more than $540 million in cash and products to nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Johnson & Johnson, a leading manufacturer of consumer health care products, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, has supported The Carter Center's Guinea Worm Eradication Program (GWEP) with medical supplies and medications since the partnership began. Guinea worm (dracunculiasis) is a thread-like parasitic worm that is contracted by drinking water contaminated by its larvae. The parasite then gestates in its human host for one year before it exits the body, usually through the lower extremities. This is an extremely painful process, often leaving the victim unable to walk, let alone work. This incapacitation is devastating not only for the victim and his or her family, but also for the local economy. International efforts to eradicate the parasite have been widely successful, resulting in its isolation to sub-Saharan Africa.

Most recently, Johnson & Johnson made a generous donation of medical supplies to the GWEP in the fall of 2007. The supplies are being used in Sudan, the most highly Guinea worm-endemic country in the world. The Johnson & Johnson donation included Tylenol® to make the excruciating process of removing the worms from victims more bearable; Neosporin® and Savlon® antiseptic for disinfecting the wounds; and scissors, gloves, tape, gauze and sterile bandages for wrapping the wounds.

Infection is a main concern with Guinea worm, as the parasite itself is not life-threatening. Improper removal of the worm and unsanitary conditions can lead to tetanus or other deadly infections. The Johnson & Johnson donation helps to protect the victims of Guinea worm disease from this outcome and ensure safe treatment. Thousands of persons affected by Guinea worm disease in Sudan will have their suffering alleviated, thanks to the generosity and compassion of Johnson & Johnson. As The Carter Center pushes for the international goal of Guinea worm eradication, the partnership with organizations such as Johnson & Johnson remains critical.

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