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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships For Mental Health Journalism 2009-2010

Rachel Aviv

Freelance Journalist
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Topic: Report on the mental health needs of children in rural areas and focus on the stories of families that have relinquished custody of their children in order to have mental health care provided to them.

Published Work:

Listening to Braille
At 4 o'clock each morning, Laura J. Sloate begins her daily reading. She calls a phone service that reads newspapers aloud in a synthetic voice, and she listens to The Wall Street Journal at 300 words a minute, which is near twice the average pace of speech.

God Knows Where I Am: What Should Happen When Patients Reject Their Diagnosis?
October 3, 2007, Linda Bishop was released from New Hampshire Hospital, in Concord. She had been admitted to the hospital in late October 2006, after having been found incompetent to stand trial for a series of offenses.

A Cruel and Unusual Sentence for a Fourteen-Year-Old Murderer
In 2010, Dakotah Eliason was sentenced to life without parole for a crime he committed when he was fourteen. As I reported for the magazine last winter, he had stayed up until three in the morning trying to decide whether to commit suicide or homicide.

Where Is Your Mother?: A Woman's Fight to Keep Her Child
On December 5, 2005, a three-year-old boy named Adam spent the morning in his crib, playing a handheld Spider-Man computer game and snacking on crackers. He began calling, “Mama help!” a phrase he used when he couldn’t get his games to work. He repeated the phrase at least ten times, but his mother never came. 

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