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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships For Mental Health Journalism 2010-2011

Salomé Delport

Rooi Rose
Durbanville, South Africa

Topic: A series of stories and a blog on depression in groups not often associated with mental illnesses in public stereotypes including teachers, police officers, and the elderly.

Published Work:

The Advantage of Self-Help Books
Having a panic disorder can affect a person's life greatly. Firstly, they have to worry about when they will be crippled by their affliction, and secondly, they stress about it happening in public

How to Support an Anxiety Disorder Sufferer
An anxiety disorder is serious and it can also be difficult to understand if you do not have one yourself. When someone is suffering from an anxiety or panic disorder they will be inflicted with sudden attacks that paralyze them in fear.

Substance-Induced Panic Disorders
When you are an infant, you believe that your body and the outside world are entirely one entity. This means that you do not have a sense of your own self, and therefore no boundaries. Once you reach childhood, you have come to realize that you are your own person, contained in your own skin.

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