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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism 2001-2002

Mike Gourley

Freelance Producer
National Radio and Long White
Cloud Productions
Wellington, New Zealand

Topic: Relationships between media portrayal of mental illness issues and effects on public perception

Published Work:

Too Good an Opportunity to Be Missed
'Lil' ol' New Zealand made one of its infrequent dents on the American psyche a few nights ago, with the world premiere of The Lord of the Rings – the Two Towers in New York City. No doubt the spookiness of the title wasn't lost on New Yorkers. And it made me think again of the events that unfolded on the morning of 911 – the first day of our induction into the world of the Rosalynn Carter Fellowship in Mental Health Journalism. An auspicious start to the inclusion of New Zealanders in the programme.

One in Five: NZ Sign Language Week Special
It has been three years since New Zealand Sign Language was made New Zealand's third official language. This week the Deaf community has been celebrating the recognition of their first language as having the same status as the Reo Maori and English, and we're on location at the official launch of New Zealand Sign Language week. To mark the occasion, Radio New Zealand is broadcast the programme in visual as well as audio formats.

One in Five: The Blue Messiah and Other Stories
A story of recovery from Lake Alice Hospital to care in the community; Judy Small, who convenes the Office for Disability Issues Nominations Service; and aging with a life-long disability

One in Five: Young People with Mental Illness

One in Five -- Special Olympics
Blurb Special Olympics goes global with Athletes Leadership; and a case of laughter the best medicine: a dose of Like Minds' campaigner Taimi Allan.

One in Five -- Breaking the sound barrier
It's a case of cross-cultural communication. Later east meets west in psychiatry. But first, an art exhibition that's breaking the sound barrier. Up a flight of stairs to the Roar gallery in Wellington and it doesn't take long to see why.

One in Five -- Writer, Chris Banks Takes on Myths and Stereotypes Associated with Mental Illness
Filmmaker, writer, and blogger Chris Banks investigates

One in Five -- Tackling Mental Health Issues by Bringing them out into the Open

One in Five -- US Immigration Discrimination against Mentally Disabled
US Immigration discrimination against mentally disabled people exposed, and outgoing Human Rights Commissioner Robyn Hunt looks back on eight years of service.

One in Five -- Woman Who Wants to Publish the Stories of Living with Bipolar.
Some supersized disability advice for the oncoming Super City; and the woman who wants to publish the stories of others like herself, living with bipolar.

One in Five -- Rural Mental Health
It's official - singing together is good for you. And the former farming auctioneer who's sounding the alarm over rural mental health.

One in Five -- Mental Health and Disability Consultant Who's Got Serious Fun in Mind
An intrepid disabled kiwi globetrotter; speaking about barriers to work; and the mental health and disability consultant who's got serious fun in mind.

One in Five -- Mental Health Expo

One in Five -- Mental Health Media Grants

One in Five -- Like Minds Like Mine

One in Five -- Mental Illness and Post-Colonial Trauma

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