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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism 2003-2004

Kevin Heldman

Freelance Journalist
Brooklyn, N.Y., USA

Topic: A series of articles exploring the mental health concerns of the critically ill and their caretakers

Published Work:

This Is What It Sounds Like When Someone You Love Dies in front of Your Eyes
Sumiko was diagnosed with stage four cancer in September of 2001 in New York City - - 36 years old. She died on April 7, 2004.

Welcome to the Jungle
On the small patch of a front yard outside the Houston Institute for the Protection of Youth, a drop-in center for homeless youth ages 13 to 23, a group of clients is trying to kill another day. They sit on the concrete steps verbally assaulting the traffic, cursing the johns who turn to look, anybody who looks, trying to identify undercover vice cars

Travels in War-Torn Afghanistan
When You Run Around Afghanistan Alone And in Shirtsleeves While All Around You Your Fellow Americans Are Barricaded, Bunkered, And Bulletproof-Vested Up, This is What You Can Experience

Two Boys from Juvenile Detention (one murders, one struggles not to)
Here are two designated menaces to society -- They're being reformed in a juvenile detention center where the kid who changes his son's diaper and hugs his mother is undistinguished from the kid who giggles about his guns and ammo.

Two months Living in a London Homeless Shelter
I went native and realized Simon of Cyrene was no joke, no myth, no parable among the glue huffers and the young man who threw himself in front of a train because of drink and the Brown (heroin).

Senator Rand Paul Believes Mental Health Is a Hoax; Legislation Pending

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