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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism 2006-2007

Susan Kruglinski
Associate Editor
Discover magazine
New York, N.Y., USA

TOPIC: Write four feature-length profile articles about a person with a mental illness who has never received treatment, a person who has received long-term treatment but remains ill, a mental health worker, and a neuroscientist.

Humans Have 5 Universal Facial Muscles-and 10 Optional Ones
While the muscles for making basic facial expressions are standard issue, some people have extra equipment, according to a study [subscription required] led by psychologist Bridget Waller of the Centre for the Study of Emotion at the University of Portsmouth in England.

What You See Is What You Don't
Some people who have lost their sight retain a peculiar relic of vision: They can "guess" the movement, color, and shape of objects around them and get the answers right most of the time. Neuroscientist Tony Ro at Rice University in Houston has now induced this spooky sense in people with sight and suggests that it may be an important part of how we perceive the world.

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