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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships For Mental Health Journalism 2012-2013

Martin Kuz

Staff Writer
Stars and Stripes
California (currently in Afghanistan)

Topic: Document the efforts of combat stress teams to aid U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan struggling with the mental rigors of war or "present-traumatic stress disorder."

Published Work:

Present-Traumatic Stress: Downrange, No Longer Suffering the Code of Silence
There was a time when Sgt. 1st Class Corey Hawkins showed concern toward fellow troops in a manner that more resembled a scolding. If his team, squad or platoon lost a soldier to serious injury, he offered words that pummeled rather than soothed.

Present-Traumatic Stress: To Ease War's Personal Strain, Chaplain Shares the Burden
The soldier told the story in monotone, as though hoping to numb himself to his misery.

Present-Traumatic Stress: 'Resiliency Center' Grows out of Effort to Provide Respite from War

Present-Traumatic Stress: Downrange Together, Learning to Put Marriage before Duty

Present-Traumatic Stress: 'For Some Reason, I'm Alive and He's Not'

Present-Traumatic Stress: Banding Together to Fight and Heal

Present-Traumatic Stress: Death Shapes Life for Teams That Prepare Bodies of Fallen Troops for Final Flight Home

Present-Traumatic Stress: Helping Troops Find Peace of Mind in a Place of War

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