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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism 1999-2000

Emil Vernarec

Features Editor
RN Magazine
Montvale, New Jersey

Topic: How employer-sponsored health promotion programs might address depression and job-related stress.

Published Work:

The Hidden Threat to Our Nation's Kids
When nurse Mary Tonsmeire took the job of adolescent healthcare coordinator for the city of Juneau, Alaska, she had worked for a decade with hospice patients and felt she needed "something more upbeat." She knew she faced a challenge-addressing teen pregnancies and substance abuse were two big health priorities. But less visible, equally pressing needs soon became evident at the school-based health center she coordinates.

How to Cope With Job Stress
The 10-year-old girl arrived just moments after the trauma unit got the alert. She had a collapsed lung and intracerebral bleed.

Impaired Nurses: Reclaiming Careers
She may suffer from depression. He may depend on drugs or alcohol just to get by. She may hide a medical condition that's slowing her down. But do they know that more and more nursing boards are intervening to provide help?

Depression in The Workforce: Part 2: The Best Defense
Employers have much to gain by promoting their workers' emotional health. Here's a menu of tips and tactics for budgets of all sizes.

Depression in The Workforce Part 3: Who Will Insist on Good Care?
Researchers say we have the tools to deliver better care for people with depression. What's lacking is the mandate for change.

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