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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships For Mental Health Journalism 2007-2008

Gregory Warner
Freelance Journalist
New York, NY

TOPIC: Produce a radio episode about the treatment of trauma in the United States and abroad.

Mad Pride at Virginia Tech
There's black pride and gay pride. And if 32-year old Sascha Dubrul has his way, "mad pride" will become equally ubiquitous. That's mad, as in mentally ill. Dubrul's Icarus Project believes that part of the problem with mental illness is the words we use to describe it.

The Frowners
Meet Emanuel Frowner. Ever since he was a little boy, Emanuel was... different. He had trouble making friends. He had trouble looking you in the eye. His brother thought he needed psychological help, but his dad didn't think there was anything seriously wrong and worried that a diagnosis would hold him back. Flash forward 25 years, Emanuel's now a grown man who's sought a psychological diagnosis. What he finds out will change everything. But the tough question remains, did his dad's attitude end up helping or hurting him in the end?

New Diagnosis for Autism Could Cut Funding for Some

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