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The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism 2000-2001

George Wehrfritz

Tokyo Bureau Chief
Tokyo, Japan

Topic: The rising impact of depression in Japan associated with indicators suggesting that there is a mental health crisis brewing there.

Published Work:

Hidden from View
Despite efforts to reform the system, Japan still hospitalizes most of its mentally ill patients.

Death By Conformity: Japan's Corporate Warriors are Killing Themselves in Record Numbers
He blends with the salarymen who frequent the Imperial Hotel's lobby bar during cocktail hour in Tokyo. Three years ago he was one of them: a proud, confident corporate warrior who fancied himself a descendant of Japan's stoic samurai.

Tune Out, Stay In; An Epidemic of Young Japanese Pulling Back from the World has Deep Roots
In 1997 Haruo resigned from the gas company and stayed in his bedroom for three years.

Prozac Pipeline, Japanese Must Venture Into Cyberspace To Procure 'Lifestyle' Antidepressants
The banner ad flashes like a neon marquee in Ginza: PROZAC…PROZAC…PROZAC.

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