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Graduate Assistantships: China Program

The focus of the China Program research in 2017-2018 is twofold. First, to encourage and identify ways for US and China to deepen collaboration in Africa. Second, to examine and monitor areas of US-China relations that might exacerbate tensions between Washington and Beijing.

The specific assignments for the graduate assistant will be as follows:

The graduate assistant will produce a monthly report on two points of significant collaboration between the U.S. and China in Africa, based on 30 recommendations proposed from the past tripartite consultation workshops, and two sources of possible conflict between US and China. Every other month, the report will focus on how the US and China can deepen the current collaboration in Africa. The other monthly reports will be on the One China Policy and other related areas. The length of the report should be between 2000 and 3000 words. There will be a total of ten reports all together. The reports are designed to present facts and provide brief analyses. These reports will be published on the China Program website and will be sent to our newsletter subscribers.

In addition to the monthly reports, the graduate assistant will conduct research and produce one policy recommendation paper to summarize the results. Consideration will be given to submit the papers for publication in relevant journals like Foreign Affairs or Diplomats. The length and quality of the paper will be similar to one jointly written by the China Program and Conflict Resolution Program that can be found on Foreign Affairs here titled “Where Beijing, Washington, and African Governments Can Work Together”.

The following timeline and benchmarks will be used to evaluate the progress of the research by the graduate assistant:

  • Monthly reports due at the end of each month with the exception of the first month and December 2017
  • Second month: literature review and outline of the paper on tripartite collaboration for Peace
  • Sixth month: first draft report due and to be reviewed by program staff
  • Eleventh month: revise report and publish it at an outside outlet or at
  • Twelfth month: work summary; publish an online pamphlet containing all monthly reports and the paper


  • Currently enrolled graduate or doctoral student who has completed at least two semesters of academic coursework in a master’s or post-master’s level program 
  • A 20 hour per week commitment for a period of 9-12 months
  • Knowledge of international developments, international security and peace

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Chinese language capability and web editorial skills

Compensation: $14/hour

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