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Statement from Jimmy Carter to Guyanese Leaders

Georgetown, Guyana....Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter drafted the attached statement and presented it to President Bharrat Jagdeo and to former President Desmond Hoyte. Both leaders and their associates approved the text and pledged to implement its provisions as expeditiously as possible.


Georgetown, Guyana

21 March 2001

Recognizing the need for political, cultural, and economic progress in Guyana, we agree that the first step must be to complete the work of the Special Select Committee, which will result in a new constitution for our nation. The constitution will be put to a referendum for approval by the citizens of Guyana within 12 months. Adequate staffing and resources will be provided to implement its provisions.

Our goal will be an inclusive organization of government, within which the majority and opposition political parties will both be involved in the leadership of parliamentary standing committees and the selection of leaders to fulfill major responsibilities of governing and management. These will include but not be limited to the Chief justice and chancellor, the Auditor General, members of a strong human rights commission and an ethnic relations commission, the allocation of lands and housing, the tendering of contracts, a permanent committee on constitutional reform, and a permanent elections commission. A new elections code is needed, with provision for the maintenance of an accurate voters list.

We will cooperate fully in maintaining a constructive dialogue between the top leaders of PPP/Civic and the PNC/Reform parties, and will include appropriate representation from other political and civic organizations, including the Amerindian community and women.