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President Carter: Opening Exists for Peaceful Resolution of Iraq Crisis

A statement from former U.S. President Jimmy Carter:

ATLANTA....The planned meeting of American, British, and Spanish leaders in the Azores this weekend is a strong indication of their determination to resolve the present impasse in the United Nations.

With American and British troops poised for action, there is now powerful pressure for the necessary complete and expeditious implementation of Security Council Resolution 1441, calling for all weapons of mass destruction to be detected and removed from Iraq. The disarmament benchmarks of the British have encouraged the preparation of a specific list of requirements by Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix, which will be issued next Monday or Tuesday. It is quite likely that the two benchmark lists will be very similar and can lead to unanimous support of Security Council members, provided the French, Russians, and undecided members of the Security Council will accept a minimal time limit for Iraq's compliance. News reports indicate that such compromises on suggested deadlines for disarmament may be possible.

These developments present an opportunity for a peaceful resolution to the current international crisis. This will be a notable achievement for the United States and its allies, insuring disarmament of Iraq while avoiding massive damage to the country, high civilian casualties, and the loss of allied military personnel.


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