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Carter Center Observes Agenda 2025 Presentation to Mozambican President Chissano


CONTACT: Kay Torrance

ATLANTA….Agenda 2025 National Vision and National Development Strategy Process's only nongovernmental partner, The Carter Center, will participate in the presentation June 25 of the strategy document to President Joaquim Chissano in Maputo, Mozambique.

The Center's Global Development Initiative has supported the national consensus-building initiative by providing advice and technical assistance to Agenda 2025.

The ceremony, which marks the closure of the Agenda 2025 process, is to be attended also by government officials, parliamentarians, civil society leaders, and the diplomatic community. The next step is for the approval of the strategy in parliament.

GDI is helping four countries, Mozambique, Mali, Guyana, and Albania, shape comprehensive political, economic, and social visions. GDI promotes a new model of development cooperation based on country ownership of policies and programs, broad-based participation in governance and planning, and more effective global development cooperation. Using these principles, partner countries of The Carter Center can design and implement their own national development strategies.

"Ultimately, democracy and human rights are strengthened by the process of drafting strategy, which incorporates the input of all sectors of a society," said GDI Director Edmund Cain. "Government and civil society are empowered, and the international community's focus shifts to providing an enabling environment for the nation's development."


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