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Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness, and Survival

By Lawrence Hott

Imagining Robert is a story of two brothers, one who has suffered the horrors and sadness of mental illness for four decades-the other, a prize-winning novelist who has been his brother's primary caretaker through those years. Based on the experience of Jay and Robert Neugeboren, Imagining Robert is a true story-true not only for the protagonists, but for millions of other Americans.

Imagining Robert is the first film to tell what it is like for these millions of families that cope, day by day and year by year, over the course of a lifetime, with a condition for which, in many cases, there is no solution. By setting Jay and Robert's story within the context of the family history, one shares the anguish, the despair, the joys, and the frustration that Jay and Robert have experienced in their struggles to survive.

Copyright 2002, Used with permission from Florentine Films/Hott Productions, Inc.

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