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New York Times Health Series Examines Lymphatic Filariasis, Trachoma, Guinea Worm Disease

Three of the Carter Center's health programs are featured in the seven-part New York Times On The Brink series: Guinea Worm Disease Eradication, Trachoma Control, and Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination.

Written by Donald G. McNeil Jr. and Celia W. Dugger, the series - which also includes polio, measles, iodine deficiency, and integrated disease control - examines diseases that are extinct in the developed world but stubbornly persistent in some poor nations. As the diseases hover on the brink of eradication, doctors and scientists face daunting obstacles as they struggle to finish the job.

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Dose of Tenacity Wears Down an Ancient Horror
A Long Crusade

On the Brink: Guinea Worm
Published: March 26, 2006, The New York Times

Read the article (PDF)
View NYT Video: Fighting Guinea Worm
Learn about the Carter Center's Guinea Worm Eradication Program

Preventable Disease Blinds Poor in Third World
A Stubborn Attacker

On the Brink: Trachoma
Published: March 31, 2006, The New York Times

Read the article (PDF)
View NYT Video: Jimmy Carter: Eradicating Trachoma
Learn about the Carter Center's Trachoma Control Program

Beyond Swollen Limbs, a Disease's Hidden Agony
Tormented and Ashamed  

On the Brink: Lymphatic Filariasis
Published: April 9, 2006, The New York Times

Read the article (PDF)
View NYT Video: Lymphatic Filariasis
View NYT Slideshow: Lymphatic Filariasis
Learn about the Carter Center's Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Program

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