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Editor’s note: The International Task Force for Disease Eradication, housed at The Carter Center, meets regularly to set goals and discuss progress toward disease control, elimination, and eradication. Its 33rd meeting, held March 14-15, 2022, focused on tuberculosis (TB) in advance of World TB Day, Thursday, March 24. Here is the communique that resulted from that meeting:


Inspired by the successful eradication of smallpox in 1977, the International Task Force for Disease Eradication (ITFDE) was established at The Carter Center in 1988. The ITFDE meets regularly to evaluate disease control and prevention and the potential for eradicating and controlling infectious diseases, to review progress, and to recommend action steps. The 33rd meeting, held March 14-15, 2022, at The Carter Center, focused on one of the leading causes of death by an infectious disease globally, yet paradoxically does not receive adequate attention: tuberculosis (TB).

The ITFDE focus on TB was particularly timely as March 24 is World TB Day, whose theme this year — Invest to End TB, Save Lives — captures the urgency of the moment.

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