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Carter Center, Berklee College of Music Collaborate on 'Love is the Answer'

A new music video calling for peace and love debuted at the Carter Center Human Rights Defenders Forum on June 21. Written and performed by Breeze the Voice and co-produced with Berklee College of Music and the Center’s Human Rights Program, “Love Is the Answer” promotes the forum’s central theme: that violence begets violence and that only compassion and love will solve the challenges we face. 

"Love Is The Answer" is a collaboration with The Carter Center Human Rights Program, Breeze The Voice, and Berklee College of Music.

+Video Credits

"Love Is The Answer" (Breeze The Voice, Michael Farquharson)

String Arranger & Orchestrator: Michael Farquharson
Voice: Breeze The Voice & Rotana
Piano: George Russell
Bass: Michael Farquharson 
Drums: Patrick Simard

Producers & Co-Executive Producers: Breeze The Voice & Michael Farquharson
Co-Executive Producer: Karin Ryan
Producer: Al Cress
Producer & Vocal Arrangement: Gary Charles
Vocal Arrangement: Williams Wells & Fabrice Clerger

Conductor: Francisco Noya

Violin I: Gabriele Majou, Antoine Beux, Jody Slagle, Pamela Kosin Salearta, Miranda Hervey, Tom Krumm, Yeonsong Kim, Ian Martinez
Violin II: Bengisu Gokce, Sarah M. Hubbard, Mona Seyed Bolorforosh, Kelsey Rogers, Claudia Atkinson, Haram (Hailey) Yoon, Gan Li Kiong (Shawn)
Viola: Lydia Downard, Peter Pezzino, Jennifer Frantz, Gerson Eguiguren, Jane Evancio
Cello: Keizo Yoshioka, George Crotty, Parker Ousley, Rodolfo Arteaga, Cristobal Cruz Garcia
Bass: Alex Rancourt, Irais Brito Hierrezuelo, Wesley Anderson

Choir Director & Voice: Bryson Camper

Voice: Silje Arnesen, Kat Maclean-Daley, Diamond Tigny, Selena Holley, Blaize Adam, Joy James, Mykhayla Thirkill, Guro Elverhoei, Lydia Reynolds, Amanda Hatlevik, Cheyenne Prescott, Madeleine Rauch, Alexis Addison, Paola Mundo, Bradford Roland, Rebecca Liberman

Photo of man in white T-shirt that reads "Stop Terrorism": Imrana Alhaji Buba Founder / Coordinator of the Youth Coalition Against Terrorism (YOCAT) and a Generation Change Fellow of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP)

Photo of woman from Myanmar: Wai Wai Nu is the director of the Women's Peace Network Arakan (former political prisoner)

Photo of Fatima Al-Bahadly speaking to seated Iraqi soldiers, provided by Fatima Al-Bahadly (Fatima demobilizes fighters in Iraq and pays them to rebuild homes, schools and roads destroyed by the war)

Video provided courtesy of The Carter Center, President Carter leading international observation of election in Nepal

Video of Jimmy Carter at 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have A Dream Speech" at Lincoln Memorial provided by Heroica Film

Video of "Fatima" provided courtesy of The World Movement for Democracy

Video and photos from Ghana by Ron Borden provided courtesy of The Carter Center (Religious leaders working to advance the rights of women and girls in West Africa)

Video provided Courtesy of Equal Means Equal and Heroica Films directed by Stewart Keaton (building a movement for equal protection for women under the law through passage of the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution) 

Video provided by Mike Farrell (anti-death penalty campaigner, actor from M*A*S*H)

Video of group waving in Istanbul provided courtesy of the International Civil Society Action Network (ICSAN) supporting women peacemakers in war zones throughout the world

Video footage of Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, and others provided courtesy of The Elders (visiting Israeli and Palestinian leaders - Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad and visiting the village of B'ilian in the West Bank, where the Israeli separation barrier has been built on Palestinian L

Recorded at Shames Family Scoring Stage, Berklee Production Suite 3, and Rectify Studio

Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer: Rigo "Mixedbypiph" Oczeus
Recording Engineer: Will Wells
Recording Engineer & Mixing Engineer: Michael Farquharson
Recording Engineer: Jim Donahue
Videographer & Editor: Samuel Harchik
Videographer: Kevin Greene

Special Thanks to Crash Zone Entertainment Management and Promotion for Breeze The Voice

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