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Statement From The Carter Center on Democratic Transition in Egypt

Contact: Deanna Congileo,

ATLANTA, GA...The Carter Center congratulates the people of Egypt on their courageous steps toward a new era of democratic legitimacy and respect for human rights.

"We want Egyptians to know that they have the support of the international community as they embark on the difficult path of building a truly democratic nation," said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

While this is a historic moment for Egypt and the spread of democracy worldwide, President Hosni Mubarak's resignation is only a first step toward self-governance.

There is an immediate need for an inclusive transitional government that can lead Egypt through a genuinely competitive and credible democratic presidential and parliamentary election process that reflects the will of the people. All the major political actors must agree on a framework to support meaningful elections, with legal standing to guide the process and judicial means for resolving potential conflicts over its implementation. There also must be adequate protections to ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms. Credibility and confidence in this process will require that domestic observers play a key role and impartial international observers are allowed to verify elections as  having met international standards. 

Scores of countries have transitioned peacefully from autocratic to accountable governance since the 1980s. The international community, including The Carter Center, stands ready to assist as Egyptians embark on their own democratic journey.


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