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Carter Center Statement on Boycott of the Nov. 8 Run-Off Election

The Carter Center notes that it is an international obligation of states to ensure that the will of the people, as expressed in periodic elections, serves as the basis for democratic government. All Liberians have a fundamental right to participate in public affairs, including the right to choose whether or not to cast a vote, in an atmosphere free from fear and intimidation.
The Carter Center's observation mission for the Oct. 11, 2011, elections in Liberia found that the elections were conducted transparently and that the results represented an accurate and credible expression of the will of the Liberian people. While the Center noted several problems during the campaign period and minor irregularities during voting, counting, and tallying, we have seen no evidence of systematic irregularities or fraud.  
Since no candidate won 50 percent plus one of the votes cast in the first round, the National Elections Commission is legally obligated to complete the electoral process by holding a run-off election to determine Liberia's next president. The Carter Center today deployed a delegation of international observers to monitor the run-off election in all 15 counties. 
The Carter Center welcomes the recent statements by the standard bearers from both parties, calling on all Liberians to avoid violence and ensure peace throughout the country. 
Carter Center reports on the Liberian elections can be found at


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