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Carter Center Urges National Dialogue in Libya, Respect for Democratic Process

Contacts: In Atlanta, Deanna Congileo +1 404-420-5124

As violence and instability continue to dominate the political scene in Libya, The Carter Center urges all stakeholders to cease hostilities, engage in comprehensive dialogue, and recommit to the democratic process.

"The Libyan people have demonstrated their desire for a democratic representative government, but the country is struggling to overcome the legacy of more than four decades of dictatorship," said former U.S President Jimmy Carter. "I am gravely concerned that incidents of brinkmanship could overwhelm Libya's emerging democracy and cause irreparable deterioration to the political situation. A national dialogue is critically needed to advance the legitimacy of political institutions and shared national interests."

The recent decision of the General National Congress to abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court that prime minister designate Ahmed Maiteg should relinquish the position, is a welcome demonstration of respect for the rule of law. The move demonstrates the ability of some of the country's judicial institutions to gain traction. Others must now reciprocate this gesture.

Libya's international partners should seek to convene all factions in comprehensive negotiations to resolve the outstanding issues of the transition. The United Nations' efforts to engage a wide variety of Libyan groups and individuals in a national dialogue are particularly important. Particular attention also should be given to the concerns of Libya's cultural components and historically marginalized communities in the east and south.

In Libya as elsewhere, elections remain the cornerstone of the democratic process. Credible elections require time, adequate preparation, transparency, and inclusion.  The electoral commission has repeatedly proven itself as a highly capable steward of the country's electoral process. However, the current insecurity that prevails in many areas of the country inhibits progress. A credible process should allow candidates an opportunity to reach voters effectively. It also should allow voters to familiarize themselves with candidates. While electoral preparations are ongoing, political leaders also should work to address underlying social and economic grievances through inclusive dialogue, compromise, and a vibrant national constitution-making process.


مركز كارتر يحث على الحوار الوطني، واحترام العملية الديمقراطية

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