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Open Letter from Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to the People of Nepal

(नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोस)

Contact: In Atlanta, Deborah Hakes +1 404-420-5124; In Kathmandu, Sarah Levit-Shore +977-1-444-5055/1446

My colleagues at The Carter Center and I commend Nepal's government and political parties for closing 13 of 28 cantonments and completing the discharge process for those Maoist combatants who have chosen voluntary retirement. These are important steps toward completing the peace process.

I encourage Nepal's political leaders to resolve swiftly all outstanding debates and begin the integration process. I also encourage Nepal's government to address the concerns around the discharge process that have been raised to ensure that new problems are not created for the future.

The May 2012 constitutional deadline is rapidly approaching. After multiple delays, it is time for Nepal's political parties to deliver on their commitments to the Nepali people. Nepal's leaders should seek broadly acceptable compromises in order to promulgate a democratic and inclusive constitution within the given timeframe. It will be important that these compromises are in line with the aspirations of the people of Nepal.

At this critical time, I hope that all sides will rededicate their energies to successful completion of the peace and constitutional processes and work to uphold the principles of peace, democracy, justice, human rights, inclusion, rule of law, and press freedom encapsulated in the guiding documents of Nepal's historic peace process.

I remain committed to supporting the people of Nepal as you continue along the path to sustainable peace and prosperity.

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