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Battling Mosquitoes and Malaria in La Bomba, Dominican Republic

It's a Sunday afternoon in La Bomba barrio, a subdistrict of Dajabón, Dominican Republic, and the entire community can be found outside their clapboard and cement block homes to beat the stifling heat. Bachata music wafts through the streets while a young man washes his prized blue motorcycle and a mother and daughter hang up laundry. Survival in this poor, rural community at the edge of the Dominican Republic-Haiti border is challenging, but made even more difficult by malaria, which robbed La Bomba of two of its residents earlier in the year and sickened or hospitalized many others. But people here are hopeful and determined. Thanks to The Carter Center, they also have a few valuable tools in their arsenal against malaria - the empowerment of health education and the protection of a bed net.

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