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The access to information legislation Implementation Assessment Tool (IAT) is designed as a matrix, with indicators related to baskets of activities (such as leadership, rules, systems, and resources) and government functions/responsibilities (responding to requests, automatic publication, and records-management). The indicators will be scored on the "stoplight method," with a scale including green, yellow, and red. Green will indicate that the administration has done well, yellow will demonstrate that there has been some activity/engagement, but an insufficient amount, and red will show that the administration has either not engaged or done very little to advance on this part of its implementation. Data will be drawn through desk research and interviews, and all findings will go through a validation process and peer review.

The proposed set of indicators has quantitative and qualitative assessments of the comprehensiveness of implementation. To more fully assure consistency and coherence, the Center will continue to fine-tune the indicators and the scaling  through its application in pilot countries, as well as by convening the researchers, country experts and access to information leaders after each pilot phase  to assess the results.

Experience has demonstrated that governments are not monolithic and not all parts of government are as successful (or unsuccessful) as others. Thus, it may be misleading to characterize a government as succeeding or failing in implementation. Therefore, the IAT will target assessments to specific public administrative bodies — ministries and agencies — rather than the government as a whole.

In addition to quantitative data, a narrative will be included that provides supplementary qualitative information and accompanying explanations for the measurements. The overall findings from the IAT will, by their nature, be agency- and country-specific, and they will not be presented as a ranking against other countries achievements or as a comparative index.


All files are PDF and require Adobe Reader to view. Free download available here

Pilot Phase I

IAT Methodology Manual Pilot Phase I

IAT Matrix Pilot Phase I

Pilot Phase II

IAT Methodology Manual Pilot Phase II

IAT Matrix Pilot Phase II

Manual de Metodología Fase Pilota II

Matriz de IAT Fase Pilota II

Pilot Phase III

IAT Methodology Manual Pilot Phase III

IAT Matrix Pilot Phase III 

Manual de Metodología Fase Pilota III

Matriz de IAT Fase Pilota III

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