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Eradication and Elimination Programs Currently Sanctioned by The World Health Organization


  • Dracunculiasis (Guinea worm disease): 1988 AFRO, 1991 WHA44.5, 2004 WHA 57.9. Target: 1995; revised to 2009
  • Poliomyelitis: 1988 WHA41.28. Target: 2000; 2006 WHA59.1.; 2008 WHA61.1


  • Neonatal tetanus: Original target: 1995.1989 WHA42.32 (environmental)
  • Leprosy: 1991 WHA44.9. Target: reduce cases to <1 per 10,000 population by 2000 (quantitative)
  • Onchocerciasis (West Africa OCP): 1973 Agreement. Target: eliminate onchocerciasis "as a public health problem" in OCP area by 2002 (qualitative)
  • Onchocerciasis (Americas): 1991 PAHO CD35.R14, 1998 PAHO CD48.R12. Target: eliminate morbidity from onchocerciasis and interrupt parasite transmission by 2012 (qualitative geographic).
  • Trachoma: 1998 WHA51.11. Target: "global elimination of blinding trachoma" (informally: by 2020; "GET 2020") (symptomatic)
  • Lymphatic filariasis: 1997 WHA50.29. Target: eliminate globally "as a public health problem" (informally: by 2020) [cites International Task Force for Disease Eradication]
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