The International Election Observation Mission Condemns Any Use of Violence

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International Electoral Observation Mission (IEOM) Côte D’Ivoire 2020

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The International Election Observation Mission of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) and The Carter Center express deep concern about the sharp rise in intercommunity tensions and the increasing level of violence, which have resulted in the deaths of at least eight people and injured several on Oct. 21 in Dabou in the Grand Ponts region. The joint EISA-Carter Center international election observation mission (IEOM) condemns all forms of violence whatever their origin and also the incidents and violence that have occurred throughout the electoral process.

The mission once again encourages a constructive and effective dialogue between the President of the Republic and the leaders of the Ivorian opposition parties, in order to reach a mutual agreement supported by the entire political class with a view to putting an end to the violence and guaranteeing an inclusive, credible and peaceful election by taking all the time necessary. To achieve this, the IEOM calls on the political leaders to take clear positions to denounce all acts of violence and violations of the code of good conduct, particularly articles 4 through 10.

The IEOM observes the steps taken by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to foster a constant dialogue between the main Ivorian political actors in view of the tense political and electoral environment surrounding the Oct. 31 presidential election in Côte d'Ivoire.

The mission calls on all actors in the presidential election to preserve the peaceful nature of the electoral process and to demonstrate their commitment to democratic principles by calling on their activists to firmly reject all forms of violence. Furthermore, it urges all candidates and their supporters to refrain from any act or language that could incite their supporters to violent or illegal behavior, including calls to prevent the delivery of election materials and the disruption of the electoral process as a whole.

The mission recalls that its mandate is to observe the process in full independence and neutrality. The role of observers is not to intervene in the conduct of the elections. The members of the mission are closely monitoring all stages of the process at the central level and throughout the country. Its long-term observers have been deployed since the end of August, and are assessing it against regional and international standards as well as national laws. The mission will present its preliminary findings after the elections and issue a detailed final report at the end of the process.


La Mission internationale d'observation électorale condamne tout recours à la violence

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