Statement from The Carter Center on Racial Injustice


As it does around the world, The Carter Center stands with those in our own community whose human rights and democratic rights are violated. The death of yet another African American man, Rayshard Brooks, at the hands of police in Atlanta last week once again emphasizes that America must come to grips with its long history of systemic racism and ensure full respect for and protection of the human rights of all, as established in our Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Throughout our nation’s history, excessive use of force against African Americans by police and others has continued with impunity. In our own city and state, recent killings and the failure of the state to prosecute perpetrators of anti-Black violence have shocked the nation and caused special grief to Georgians already reeling from the killing of Ahmaud Arbery and the painful recognition that racially motivated attacks are commonplace in the U.S. While Black Americans have lived this reality for hundreds of years, many other Americans are only just confronting this painful violence due to video evidence that brutally lays bare the injustices that have long been present.

The Carter Center believes we have an obligation to examine and address how issues of inequity have formed the foundation of our nation’s institutions. From this understanding, we must all actively participate in weaving a new social contract based on equality for all. Now is the time for deep and sometimes painful, but necessary reflection - followed by concerted action.

As an international organization based in the United States, we lament that true equality has not been achieved in our country. As we work in solidarity with local and national partners, we will continue to seek their wisdom to ensure that all of our programs reflect an understanding of history. The Carter Center is committed to advancing the goal of building thriving democracies, both internationally and in the United States, that fully respect and protect human rights for all.