Carter Center Urges Israeli Government to Respect Palestinian Political Rights

ATLANTA (April 8, 2021) — On April 6, the Israeli police prevented an electoral event planned by Palestinian civil society organizations at the Ambassador Hotel in occupied East Jerusalem. Police placed barriers around the vicinity of the hotel to block participants from reaching it. Israeli security officials detained activists, including a Fatah candidate for the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ghada Abu Rabee. The manager of the Ambassador Hotel, Sami Abu Dayya, was reportedly placed in custody.

Elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council are scheduled for May 22. Israeli authorities have not responded to repeated requests from the Palestinian Authority to discuss the parameters for campaigning and voting in East Jerusalem and to refrain from interfering in the electoral process. Representatives of the Palestinian Authority and civil society have called on the international community to support these appeals.

The Ambassador Hotel incident confirms Palestinian concerns that the Israeli government will prevent Palestinians in East Jerusalem from participating fully in the electoral process.

The Carter Center calls on Israeli authorities to respect the rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, to participate in the upcoming elections. Palestinians must be allowed the fundamental freedoms of assembly and expression as well as the right to vote, participate in civic affairs, and stand as candidates in the upcoming elections.


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