Carter Center Calls on Israel to Reverse Decision to Designate Palestinian Human Rights Groups as Terrorists

Atlanta (Oct. 23, 2021) — The Carter Center is alarmed by the Israeli Defense Ministry’s designation of leading Palestinian human rights organizations as terrorist organizations.

Under the domestic Anti-Terrorism Law of 2016, these organization’s employees can be arrested and all assets seized. The named organizations are globally respected for their outstanding and courageous work documenting human rights violations in occupied Palestine. We stand in solidarity with human rights defenders who represent the conscience of all who seek peace and justice in Israel and Palestine.

The Israeli decision to criminalize these organizations is the latest chapter in a long campaign to undermine and defund human rights organizations. The decision was based on undisclosed evidence, giving the rights groups no possibility to rebut the accusations.

Increasingly, governments around the world, Israel among them, are abusing counterterrorism laws to silence human rights workers and organizations. This trend is a grave threat to democracy and human rights everywhere.

The Israeli government must reverse its decision or immediately come forward with proof and be transparent about why the determination was made. We urge the United States government and the international community to call on Israel to withdraw the designation.


Contact: In Atlanta, Soyia Ellison,
In Ramallah, Qais Asád,

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