Carter Center Condemns the Bombing of the Gaza Strip; Calls for Implementation of Ceasefire

ATLANTA — The Carter Center is alarmed by recent developments in and around Gaza that resulted in the death of some 46 Palestinians, including at least 16 children, in the latest escalation of violence over the past weekend.

The Center condemns the indiscriminate attacks on civilians — a war crime under international law. While the Center welcomes the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire announcement, it is important that its terms and conditions be made public.

The Carter Center again calls for high-level international engagement around ceasefire efforts in Gaza to avoid the cyclical violence. Given its close relationship with Israel, the United States should lead the international community, including the United Nations and European Union, in ensuring parties respect ceasefire terms and conditions. Including other regional stakeholders in the negotiation process would add to the credibility of these efforts and help to ensure that Palestinians and Israelis enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity, and security.


In Atlanta, Soyia Ellison,
In Ramallah, Qais Asád,

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