The Carter Center and Team Democracy Unite to Advance Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections

ATLANTA (Sept. 18, 2023) — The Carter Center and Team Democracy announced today a new partnership to promote transparent and trustworthy electoral processes in the United States.

This strategic alliance aims to strengthen the core values of democracy and electoral integrity defined in the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections, a national, cross-partisan effort co-led by The Carter Center and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation and supported by over 70 organizations across the country.

The Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections promote the essential cornerstones necessary for a healthy constitutional democracy, including integrity, nonviolence, security, oversight, and the peaceful transfer of power. Through their collaboration, The Carter Center and Team Democracy will work to advance these principles, foster dialogue among candidates and stakeholders, and create a more transparent and trustworthy electoral landscape.

"We're excited to work alongside Team Democracy,” said Jason Carter, chair of The Carter Center Board of Trustees. “This partnership underscores our commitment to ensuring that elections are conducted in a way that uphold the core values of democracy. Thanks to their work, more than 775 candidates committed to their Safe and Fair Elections Pledge in 2022, demonstrating Team Democracy’s unwavering dedication to strengthening our democratic institutions. And we're delighted to have Team Democracy Chair General Hayden as a Candidate Principles Steering Committee member."

"Many of us in the national security community share a profound, nonpartisan commitment to our democratic institutions and norms,” said General Michael Hayden. “Our team is thrilled to join the Candidate Principles project. Team Democracy's 2022 Safe and Fair Election Pledge was crafted with the support of The Carter Center and other nonpartisan democracy experts, and it mirrored the essential elements of the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections. Our hope is that every American who cherishes our constitutional democracy will endorse these principles and urge their candidates and elected representatives to do the same."  

The Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections is advised by a steering committee co-chaired by Jason Carter and Michael Ford. Michael Hayden, Margaret Hoover, Sam Donaldson, Nick Troiano, and Danielle Allen are also part of the committee. Visit to find out more and support the principles.


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