Carter Center Adds 12 More Cities to its Global Inform Women, Transform Lives Campaign

ATLANTA — The Carter Center has selected 12 cities around the world to participate in the third year of its Inform Women, Transform Lives campaign, a global effort to ensure that women can seek and receive beneficial information from their local governments and thrive in their communities.

The new cities are Accra, Ghana; Baltimore, Maryland; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Glasgow, Scotland; Kathmandu, Nepal; Lagos, Nigeria; Mérida, Mexico; Quezon City, Philippines; Quito, Ecuador; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; and Santiago, Chile.

“Today, on the International Day for Universal Access to Information, we’re delighted to expand the reach of this important, innovative campaign,” said the Carter Center’s CEO, Paige Alexander. “We work with city governments because we know they have the most direct impact on people’s everyday lives. The 23 cities that are already part of the campaign have developed creative ways to reach women with information about economic empowerment programs, domestic violence prevention, free health services, and other life-changing opportunities.”

The latest expansion brings the number of participating cities to 35, which together have a metropolitan population of 215 million.

The goals of the Inform Women, Transform Lives campaign are to enhance awareness of women’s right to information, increase the number of women accessing information about municipal and social services in participating cities, and assist local governments in reaching women with meaningful information and services.

It includes traditional and social media marketing materials, programming for both government agencies and citizen groups designed to help connect women to information, and virtual exchanges among the 35 cities that allow participants to share ideas and best practices.

City governments applied to be part of the campaign, and the finalists were selected based on commitment to transparency and gender equity.

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