Carter Center Asks DRC’s Political Leaders to Call on Supporters to Remain Peaceful, Pursue Challenges to Results through Courts

Contact: In Atlanta, Soyia Ellison,

ATLANTA — Because of discrepancies between the official preliminary election results in the DRC and the results reported by some domestic observers and parties, The Carter Center expresses concern about the potential for insecurity and conflict and asks all political leaders to call on their supporters to refrain from violence and to pursue any challenges to the election results through legal channels.

The Center urges the Congolese government to ensure that security forces exercise restraint and protect the rights of citizens to express their opinions and to assemble peacefully. All Congolese should maintain calm and ensure that their political expression remains peaceful.

To foster public confidence and transparency, the Center calls on the election commission to quickly provide detailed polling-station results on its website for both the presidential and provincial legislative races. This information should be released as soon as possible, so that parties, candidates, and observers can review and cross-check the data in time for candidates to prepare any legal challenges within legal and constitutional deadlines. The Center encourages accredited observers to continue to monitor all remaining stages of the electoral process.


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