New Project Aims to Increase Freedom of Information in Liberia




MONROVIA, LIBERIA – As part of the celebration of International Right to Know Day, The Carter Center, with support from the European Union, will launch a new one-year project, “Increasing Transparency in the Public Sector through Freedom-of-Information Training.” The project will advance government employees’ understanding of right-to-information law and their capacity to respond to requests for information. The new project is aligned to the New European Consensus on Development and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically focusing on promoting accountable and transparent institutions, including participatory decision-making and public access to information.

As part of the project, the Carter Center will develop freedom-of-information training materials and curricula in leading public-sector training institutes, such as the Liberia Institute of Public Administration, the National Police Training Academy, and the James A. A. Pierre Judicial Institute. The Center also will engage academic institutions, including the University of Liberia’s Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, in the creation and adoption of the new freedom-of-information curricula and training courses and in serving as instructors.

The right of access to information is a cornerstone of transparency, accountability, public participation, and voice, and is essential for engaging citizens and improving government effectiveness and efficiency. Since 2009, The Carter Center has partnered with government and civil society to advance access to information for all Liberians.