Carter Center Works to Help Bring Peace to Sudan

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Contact: In Atlanta, Soyia Ellison,


ATLANTA — The Carter Center, the impartial nongovernmental organization led by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, held meetings earlier this month with key members of the Sudanese government, civil society, and opposition.

These meetings provided an opportunity to assist all parties in identifying common ground in their search for peace. The Center takes no position on specific issues in dispute, but rather attempts to help develop areas of agreement among all sides.

“We are nonpartisan, so we don’t take sides,” said Jordan Ryan, vice president of peace programs for The Carter Center. “We organized these meetings as a way to help all parties look for points of consensus in their search for sustainable peace. We listened and learned a lot over the course of the meetings. We’ll be sharing with the participants key points that emerged during the sessions.”

Separately, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter met with a delegation from the government of Sudan in early December. The Sudanese delegation asked for President Carter’s thoughts on how to advance peace in Sudan and improve Sudan-U.S. relations, including addressing international sanctions. President Carter shared his belief that an end to the ongoing conflicts in the country and substantive peace negotiations would contribute to durable peace in Sudan and better relations with the international community.  


مركز كارتر يعمل على المساعدة في إحلال السلام في السودان


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