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March 2, 2021
Carter Center Says Its China-Focused Mission Promotes Democracy, Not Propaganda
Published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The Carter Center’s chief executive says Republicans are criticizing the think tank’s relationship with China based on inaccurate ideas about what diplomacy in a Communist nation means. The Atlanta nonprofit founded in 1982 by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, has had a long-standing focus on normalizing relations between the United States and China. But the center is not a tool for the East Asian nation to spread its ideology, CEO Paige Alexander wrote in recent letter.

Jan. 23, 2019
U.S.-China: 40 Years of Diplomacy | VOA Interview: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
Plugged in with Greta Van Susteren, Voice of America.
40 years after he established diplomatic relations with China, former President Jimmy Carter talks to VOA Contributor Greta Van Susteren, reflecting on the challenges and the success of what he calls "part of the most long-term significant thing that I did when I was in the White House."

Jan. 23, 2019
Working Toward Better U.S.-China Relations
Published by China Daily USA.
Yawei Liu, director of the Carter Center’s China Program, was a freshman in college when he got word in 1978 that the U.S. and China would normalize diplomatic relations. He never dreamed then that someday he’d be working for one of the two men responsible for that momentous decision, running a program dedicated to improving relations between the U.S. and China.

Jan. 21, 2019
An Interview with Jimmy Carter
Published by China U.S. Focus.
The 39th president of the United States sits down with reporter James Chau to look back on 40 years of diplomatic relations with China and discuss ways the two countries can work together in the future.

March 2, 2017
Where Beijing, Washington, and African Governments Can Work Together
Op-ed by John Goodman, with Mohamed Ibn Chambas, Princeton N. Lyman and Jianhua Zhong. Published by Foreign Affairs.
The first month of Donald Trump’s presidency has raised the specter of heightened competition between China and the United States. Despite the inevitable competition between the two countries, Beijing and Washington can still cooperate on issues where they share interests. In Africa, it should be clear to both sides that their shared priorities dwarf their differences—and that these priorities are also held by many on the continent.

July 28, 2016
Interview: Tripartite Africa-China
Published by Xinhua.
The tripartite talks bringing together Africa, China and the U.S., which in 2014 were only meant to discuss peace issues, will this year focus on maritime security and the blue economy.

Oct. 24, 2014
US-China Differences Far Outweighed by Common Interests: Carter
Published by (China News Service).
Former American President Jimmy Carter has stressed present differences between the US and China are far outweighed by common interests, and their cooperation benefits not only the two countries but also the world as a whole.

Sept. 12, 2014
Carter Sees Peace Based on US-China Ties
Published by Shanghai Daily.
At 90, Jimmy Carter is still full of vigor, wisdom and idealism. The former US president has channeled much of his energy into causes such as advocacy for peaceful settlement of global conflicts as well as social progress in underdeveloped nations. As head of the Carter Center, his work has taken him to almost every corner of the globe, including China, which marked one of the best moments of his presidency.

Sept. 9, 2014
China's Rise Isn't a Threat to the U.S., Former President Jimmy Carter Says
Published by Forbes.
China's rising success in the world isn't a threat to the United States, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said in a speech in Shanghai to mark the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries this year.

Sept. 8, 2014
China and US Share Dreams of Peace
Published by the Global Times.
Few political events in China in the late 1970s could compare to the beginning of the reform and opening-up policy and the normalization of the Sino-US relationship. Jimmy Carter, then US president, has always held that China's successful reform was linked closely with the normalizing relations of the two countries. Global Times (GT) reporter Wu Ningning talked to Jimmy Carter (Carter) recently on his retirement work and his view of China.

July 17, 2014
Exhibition Opens to Mark 35th Anniversary of Sino-U.S. Diplomatic Ties
Published by the Xinhua News Agency.
A Chinese paintings exhibition dedicated to commemorate the 35th anniversary of establishment of Sino-U.S. diplomatic relations opened Thursday at Carter Center, in Atlanta, U.S. state of Georgia.

Nov. 15, 2013
Jimmy Carter Talks About China
Published by CNN International.
Jim Clancy sits down with former American President Jimmy Carter to discuss U.S.-China relations.

Nov. 1, 2013
President Carter Q&A with Caijing Magazine (PDF)
Published by Caijing Magazine.
Caijing is a current affairs magazine that serves a wide array of readers in China, including government officials, business leaders, and the scholarly community. This Q&A with President Carter on U.S.-China relations was published in the Chinese-language November 2013 print edition of Caijing magazine.

March 13, 2013
Video: Carter Center China Expert on New China Leadership
Published by CNN.
Yawei Liu of the Carter China Center discusses what to expect from Xi Jinping on foreign policy.

Feb. 3, 2012
Who is Xi: China's Next Leader (link no longer available) 
Published by CNN.
Anyone interested in world affairs, Chinese diplomacy and China's future should know more about Xi Jinping.

Dec. 25, 2011
A Village in Revolt Could Be a Harbinger for China
Published by The New York Times.
China's state-run media have had a field day this autumn with Occupy Wall Street, spinning an almost daily morality play about capitalism gone amok and an American government unable or unwilling to aid the victims of a rapacious elite.

Sept. 8, 2011
China's New Politics
Published by Fortune.
Consider the choice at hand: A leading political figure -- adored by his "base'' -- believes that government should be in the business of reducing income inequality, expanding low-cost housing for the disadvantaged, and in general redistributing wealth to those in need. By contrast, another political figure, the governor of a region that has been booming economically for years, says the priority of economic policy is much simpler. It should be about "making the cake bigger."

Feb. 9, 2011
How an Activist's Death in China Inspired a Wave of Citizen Sleuthing
Published by The Christian Science Monitor.
Qian Yunhui's suspicious death led to an unprecedented amount of detective work among Chinese citizens who were not convinced by the official version of events.

May 6, 2010
The China Model
Published by The Economist.
Chinese officials said the opening of the World Expo in Shanghai on April 30th would be simple and frugal. It wasn't. The display of fireworks, laser beams, fountains and dancers rivalled the extravagance of Beijing's Olympic ceremonies in 2008. The government's urge to show off Chinese dynamism proved irresistible. For many, the razzmatazz lit up the China model for all the world to admire.

Dec. 13, 2009
Atlanta Progressive News Carter reflects on 30 years of U.S.-China Relations
Published by Atlanta Progressive News.
Former US President Jimmy Carter discussed the past, present, and future of the relationship between the United States and China, during a forum Thursday night, December 03, 2009, at The Carter Center.

Dec. 10, 2009
Jimmy Carter: U.S.-China the Most Important Bilateral Relationship in the World
Published by Halle Institute, Emory University.
On Dec. 3, 2009, The Carter Center held a series of events to celebrate 30 years of formal diplomatic relations between the United States and China and to engage the Atlanta public in a discussion of the implications of the China-U.S. relationship for China, the United States, and the rest of the world.

May 25, 2009
China Daily Experts: U.S., China Democracy Different
Published by China Daily.
China has a democracy different from that of the United States, a difference that should be encouraged and acknowledged, US China experts said.

Jan. 14, 2009
Remarks by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter at the Li Xiannian Library in Hong'an, China
President Carter traveled to China in January 2009 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of normalizing diplomatic relations with Deng Xiaoping and to expand the Carter Center's working relations with government ministries.

Dec. 7, 2007
Jimmy Carter: Rule of Law and Social Harmony in China
Speech by Jimmy Carter to the China University of Political Science and Law.
Thank you for your introduction, Professor Zhu Yong. It is a great pleasure to be speaking at the largest law school in the world. When President Xu Xianming visited me in April this year, he told me there were 17,000 law students at your university, and I understand that since its founding in 1952, it has graduated over 100,000 students.

Sept. 9, 2003
President Carter Delivers Speech to Beijing (Peking) University
It is a special pleasure for me to return to China and to visit this great university, which is a powerful center that brings together some of China's brightest minds for progressive economic, scientific, political, and social thought.

July 8, 2002
The Carter Center's Yawei Liu Talks About Democratic Elections in China (PDF)
Yawei Liu, Associate Director of the China Village Elections Project of The Carter Center, spoke to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China during a July 8, 2002 Roundtable on Village Elections in China. Read the transcript of his statement.

May 6, 2002
The Inaugural Oksenberg Lecture: The United States and China: A President's Perspective (PDF)
Edited transcript of a speech delivered by Jimmy Carter at Stanford University.
The Oksenberg Lectures honor the legacy of Professor Michel Oksenberg (1938-2001), Senior Fellow at the Asia/Pacific Research Center, Professor of Political Science, and a foremost authority on China.

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