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Jimmy Carter Trip Reports Archive: 1997-2000

Aug. 22, 2000
Aspen and Alaska
Rosalynn and I went first to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Aspen Institute. I was asked to make the final address and to answer questions in a conference titled "Globalization and the Human Condition." We then flew to Anchorage, where I was honored on the 20th anniversary of the Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act (ANILCA), which we finally got passed into law in December, 1980.

July 26, 2000
After the scheduled May 28 elections were abruptly but wisely postponed, The Carter Center maintained a small staff in Caracas. We organized another observer delegation for the rescheduled elections on July 30.

June 30, 2000
Trip to Mexico and Nigeria
Rosalynn and I flew to Mexico City to observe the election, the first time government officials have invited me personally.

Nov. 27, 1999
S. Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Kenya
Our primary goals for this trip were to visit our grandson Jason in S. Africa, to travel through Swaziland, to monitor the elections for parliament and president in Mozambique, and to respond to a request from Presidents Museveni and al Bashir to mediate the long-standing dispute between Uganda and Sudan.

Oct. 5, 1999
Switzerland, England, Norway, The Netherlands, Mali
During the past two weeks, we have visited the World Health Organization in Geneva; public officials and potential private donors in London, Oslo, and The Hague; and Bamako, Mali, for an assessment of our health and agriculture programs in Africa.

June 1, 1999
Visit to Indonesia
Following a preliminary visit to Jakarta in March-April of this year, we decided that The Carter Center should monitor the election in Indonesia, with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) as a partner.

March 18, 1999
Trip to Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia
After careful briefings by experts on both the Peoples' Republic of China and Taiwan and an assessment of the situation in Indonesia, Rosalynn, Chip, Jeff, Annette, and I left Atlanta on March 18 for the Philippines, where we were to join other volunteers and build Habitat houses.

Feb. 25, 1999
Visit to Nigeria
Rosalynn and I flew to Nigeria with Richard Blum in his Gulfstream. We joined Chuck Costello of The Carter Center and Ken Wollack of the National Democratic Institute, who headed our joint teams that have been in Nigeria since October to observe local elections in December, state elections in January, and the election on February 20 for the National Assembly. On this visit our purpose was to observe the presidential election on February 27.

Jan. 18, 1999
Trip Report on Nigeria
I have been visiting Nigeria for 20 years and have an affinity for the nation and appreciation for its great potential. Since its independence in 1960, Nigerians have enjoyed civilian governments for less than 10 years, and for 28 years some benevolent but mostly oppressive and corrupt military regimes. Despite this, Nigeria has been the most influential country in West Africa, and often very helpful in recent years in maintaining stability and even promoting democracy in the region. We have seen this in the disarmament of military factions and support of democratic elections in Liberia in July 1997.

Dec. 4, 1998
Visit to Venezuela
The Carter Center and our Council of Freely Elected Heads of State were invited by the major candidates and the National Electoral Council to serve as observers for the elections on December 6, when a new president was to be chosen.

Nov. 25, 1998
Oman and Abu Dhabi Trip Report
Our fairly rapid visit to Oman and Abu Dhabi had two basic purposes, to express our thanks to the two leaders and to seek financial assistance for our health program in Africa.

Nov. 2, 1998
Trip to Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua
The purpose of our trip was to set the stage for monitoring elections in Venezuela and to prepare for our anti-corruption conference next May.

March 31, 1998
Visit to Africa
With Rosalynn, Jeff, Annette, Gordon Streeb, and Nancy, we had a great trip made possible by John and Becky Moores, who furnished their airplane. Our overall purpose was to help expedite the eradication of Guinea worm, to examine and enhance our Sasakawa-Global 2000 agriculture projects, to help resolve some problems with democracy, and to explore the possibility of inaugurating Global Development Initiatives similar to ours in Guyana.

Dec. 18, 1997
Jamaica Election
When we visited Jamaica last January, the two opposition political parties(JLP and NDM) asked The Carter Center to monitor the next parliamentary elections. However, they felt there would be less of a need to do so if a high technology system of voter registration and polling was installed.

Aug. 21, 1997
Visit to Africa: Malta, Ethiopia, and Lalibela
After refueling in Bermuda and the Azores, we spent the afternoon and night in Malta. Although brief, it was a surprisingly interesting and delightful visit. There are few countries on earth that have had a more varied history, and with English an official second language, it is very easy for American visitors to experience what Malta has to offer.

July 23, 1997
Visit to China
After leaving Liberia, we traveled to Beijing, where we met Sam Nunn (direct from Pyongyang and Seoul) and Mike Oksenberg, who was my National Security Advisor on China.

July 16, 1997
Visit to Liberia
I returned to Liberia about two weeks after my previous visit, this time accompanied by Rosalynn. Of an original population of 2.4 million, there have been 200,000 deaths, 600,000 refugees, and 800,000 displaced persons now living in camps near Monrovia. Despite this, we found that 751,000 people had registered to vote. Earlier this year, UNOMIL and ECOMOG forces completed a successful disarmament of warring factions and were maintaining almost perfect order, while the Nigerians and other ECOWAS leaders orchestrated and implemented the electoral process we were there to observe.

June 25, 1997
Visit to Liberia and Nigeria
The primary purpose of this trip was to complete the long search for peace and democracy in Liberia, an effort in which The Carter Center has been deeply involved for the last six years.

April 18, 1997
Visits to Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, and Ethiopia
I made a brief visit to East Africa from April 18 to 21, and had a chance to consult with Presidents Moi and Museveni and with Prime Minister Meles. I also visited Khartoum, where I had extensive meetings with President Omer al Bashir, Foreign Minister Taha, Peace Minister Khalifa, Dr. Turabi, and some rebel leaders who, I understand, signed a Peace Agreement (PA) with the government yesterday.


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