Live Webcast: 2016 Human Rights Defenders Forum

  • Human Rights Defenders Forum

    At the 2015 Human Rights Defenders Forum, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter enjoys a presentation by Afeefa Syeed, a senior adviser at the U.S. Agency for International Development, Middle East and Asia bureaus. (Photo: The Carter Center/ M. Schwarz)

  • Human Rights Defenders Forum

    Founder and president of The Voice of Libyan Women project — which pushes for inclusive peace processes and conflict mediation — Canadian-Libyan doctor Alaa Murabit participated in the forum at The Carter Center. (Photo: The Carter Center/ M. Schwarz)

More than 60 activists, scholars, and community leaders will come together to discuss ways to end violence in all its forms during the Carter Center's annual Human Rights Defenders Forum, "A Time for Peace: Rejecting Violence to Secure Human Rights."

Among the themes of this year's forum are the economics of peace, unlearning violence, and nonviolent approaches to security and law enforcement.

While this event is not open to the public, portions of the forum will be webcast live (free) on beginning Monday, June 20 at 1:30 p.m.

Webcast Agenda

Monday, June 20

1:30 ˗̶  3 p.m. A Time for Peace, keynote speech by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, followed by a moderated Q&A. (The session includes a report on the earlier forum workshops and musical performances by renowned global musicians.)
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3:30  ̶  4:45 p.m. The Economics of Peace: Investing in a Just and Equitable Global Economy
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Tuesday, June 21

9  ̶  10:30 a.m. Unlearning Violence: Re-educating Society for Peace and Human Rights
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11 a.m.  ̶  12:30 p.m. Securing the Peace: Advancing Nonviolent Approaches to Security and Law Enforcement
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2  ̶  3:15 p.m. Building a New Peace Movement: Rejecting Violence to Secure Human Rights
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3:45  ̶  4:45 p.m. A Call for Peace, Dignity, and Justice
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Participants Include:

• Rana Allam, an outspoken Egyptian journalist and an adviser with the Women Alliance for Security Leadership.

• Murairi Bakihanaye Janvier, the president of the Association pour le Développement des Initiatives Paysannes, who works to fight slavery and exploitation of mineral resources in Democratic Republic of Congo.

• Rodolfo Manuel Domínguez Márquez, director of Mexico's Justice, Human Rights, and Gender Civil Association, which monitors and sometimes litigates cases of femicide and works to protect women in situations of violence.

• Deeyah Khan, a music producer and the documentarian behind the films "Banaz: A Love Story," about so-called honor killings, and "Jihad," which investigates the motives of Western-born Islamic extremists, convicted terrorists, and former jihadis.

• Sylvie Kinigi, the only woman to serve as prime minister of Burundi (July 1993 to February 1994).

• Fatima Akilu, an expert in countering violent extremism who helped design Nigeria's countering violent extremism program, which takes a multipronged approach that includes PTSD training and education.

Join the Discussion

During the webcast, please follow us on Twitter @CarterCenter and join in the discussion with hashtag #time4peace.